Enlarge series regulator circuit

Series regulator circuits with amplification of the transistor T1 link for the regulator, plays the role of voltage regulation. Resistors R1 and R2, form a voltage divider, the output voltage changes by an amount △ UL R1, R2 partial pressure, withdrawing a portion, applied to the base of transistor T2, so the circuit R1, R2 composition called sampling circuit. DZ and R3 regulator regulator regulator circuit consisting of silicon, providing a reference voltage UZ. COMPARISON Regulators & amplified signal from the transistor T2, RC for the T2 collector load resistor, the collector of the output signal T2 is applied to the base of T1 tube, with an enlarged "variation amount" to control the regulator, adjust output voltage changes, so T2 constituting the comparison amplifier stage.