XGN2-12 case type fixed switchgear cabinet
      XGN2-12 case type fixed metal enclosed switchgear cabinet is developed by our company. Cabinet body made of C section bar and D section bar. Can be flexibly use in main wiring project to save processing time of switchgear combination, then to save time for switchgear manufacturing.
      XGN2-12 switchgear is a prevent type fixed metal enclosed hv switchgear, widely use to start, operate hv electromotor, and can frequent operation, no explosion, fire etc.
2、Main structure:
      This cabinet is metal enclosed case type structure, cabinet framework is assembled by C type section bar and D type section bar, and cabinet inner is divided into circuit breaker compartment, busbar compartment, cable compartment, relay compartment, can see main element working condition by inspection window and lamp in door. Front upper part is relay room, can install relay, can install signal relay, instruction meter, signal lamp in door, switcher in operation compartment. Back upper part is busbar compartment, back down part is cable compartment, can wiring easily, front part is circuit breaker compartment, easy to exam and repair, prevention grade is IP2X.
    ◆ There is no any type interphase, opposite insulation clapboard. Interphase and opposite air insulation distance is 125mm. use bigger support insulation( or bushing), making switchgear have higher insulation strength and insulation stability.
    ◆Adopt spiral disconnect switch, which turn conduct earthing, namely form metal compart(interface to earth) between active part(main busbar) and isolated conductor( such as circuit breaker). Then active part only can have interphase discharge and opposite discharge to floor, so no effect on isolated conductor, then make sure the safety of overhaul person.
    ◆ Cable wiring terminal is 600-800mm to ground, which is easy for installing and maintaining, to seal by tower shape rubber gasket between cable compartment and cable channel so that can prevent humidity and small animal go to cabinet by cable channel.
    ◆Interlock mechanism of main switch, disconnect switch, earthing switch and interlock mechanism between cabinet door all adopt compulsory mechanism interlock. The product meet five prevention order. Considering driving operation design of disconnect switch and main switch together with mechanism interlock device, using mechanical interlock devise is simple structure and reliable operation.