DXG-12 case type fixed switchgear cabinet
        DXG-12 switchgear is suitable to use in system of 3-12KV,three phase, AC 50HZ, single busbar and double busbar with branch circuit as power acceptance and distribution, which belong to new generation minimize city and urban power network device, with characters of high glass, minimize, full parameter, little maintain, structure in reason, safe, easy to handle.
       It confirms to international electric standard IEC60298, state standardGB3908, power department relative standard such as DL402,DL403,DL404 etc, it meet need of power market ,city and urban network rebuild , and can compete with imported product in technology, performance and price, it can be widely use in power, metallurgy, landification, and city building etc industry.
2、Structure instruction:
     This switchgear consists of busbar compartment, circuit breaker compartment, relay metering compartment, cable compartment, mechanical interlock device. Compartments are parted by steel plate, which can avoid mutual affection if false occur.
     Busbar compartment is in upper rear cabinet, inside which can install DGN-12 disconnect switch, main busbar connect with DGN-12 disconnect switch through branch busbar. It need wall bushing to fix when main busbar go through cabinet, to make sure mechanical strength of main busbar and can limit accident to affect neighbor switchgear. In the top of the busbar compartment, there install pressure relief plate to relieve HV gas caused by accident.
     Circuit breaker is in the front part of cabinet, adopt minimize, excellent performance VS1-12, VD4-12, DZN-12 series vacuum circuit breaker. There is observing window in front door to observe state of closing and breaking of disconnect switch and circuit breaker. Also can equip with urgent breaking button to operate circuit breaker in urgent condition.
Relay metering compartment is in front upper cabinet, depth 350-400mm, which is convenient to install normal relay protection and meter, convert switch, active show device, signal light etc, also can install computer integrated protection device.
     Cable compartment locate in lower rear cabinet, in which can install current transformer, earthing switch, disconnect switch, arrester, sensor support and cable etc. The distance is far than 700mm between cable head and ground, which is easy for cable head to install. Cable is fixed in bracket, sealed by rubber plate in between cable compartment and trench to prevent humidity and small animal going inside through cable trench.
     This cabinet is designed to install against wall, cable compartment locate front rear cabinet. When main circuit wiring to be communicating case, this compartment is communicating compartment, then can connect busbar row with neighbor cabinets directly. Overhead incoming wire is in another enclosed cabinet.
     Have reliable mechanical interlock device which operate orderly, to provide reliable protection for operating person and equipment. This devise install in front right cabinet. Operating process is below:(leave out the operation if no this element.)
     Power on operation: close back door—close front door—open eathing swith—closing disconnector—close circuit breaker.
     Power off operation: open circuit breaker—open nether disconnector—open upper disconnector—close eathing swith, open front door, open back door.
     Above operation, only can close front door when back door is closed, only after back door and front door are both closed, and circuit breaker close, can operate disconnect switch.This is compulsory.
3、Main character:
     This cabinet is novel structure, complete function, have isolated active main busbar fixed cabinet, easy amended middle assembled cabinet, easy changeable circuit breaker.
     This cabinet equip with minimize VS1-12, VD4-12, DZN-12 vacuum circuit breaker, main body and mechanism all in one, many closing and breaking times, mechanical lifetime more than 20000 times, use big distance ceramics vacuum arch extinguish chamber, gas insulated in cabinet, which is suitable to use for urban network rebuilding and industrial, mining enterprise.
     This cabinet is equipped with small DGN-12 disconnect switch, gearing drive, one knife two use, which is convenient for incoming and outgoing cable wiring, flexible and reliable operating disconnect switch, easy operating.
     Cabinet is made of aluminium coated zinc plate via double hemming, no welding, no torsion, minimize volume, to save space.
     This cabinet have reliable five protection interlock, front rear door have compulsive mechanical interlock, eathing switch equipped in two side of incoming and outgoing cable, to make sure safety examine and maintain, spiral operation, easy and flexible to handle.
     Can adopt normal protection or computer protection.