VS1-12(ZN63A) indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
      VS1 series vacuum circuit breaker is indoor high voltage switch-gear with rated voltage 7.2-12kV, three-phase AC 50Hz, It is used for the This product conforms to the national standard GB1984-2003 "Alternate current high-voltage circuit breaker", and international standard IEC 62271-100"High-voltage alternate current circuit breaker".
     The Circuit breaker can be used to protect and control electrical equipment in the industrial & mineral enterprise, power plant and substation as well as to switch infrequent operating places. It has high credibility of operation and longevity of service.
    The form of circuit breaker assembled in switchgear could be draw out type as well as fixed installation type.

Service Environment

   Altitude:1000m and below;
   Environmental temperature is from:-15~40°C;
   Environmental humidity:
   Daily average of relative humidity≤95%
   Daily average saturated vapor pressure≤2.2×10-3Mpa
   Monthly average of relative humidity≤90%
   Monthly average saturated vapor pressure≤1.8×10-3Mp
   No operating in such environment as subject to dust, dirt, smog, corrosive/flammable gas, vapor and salt pollution.
   Earthquake intensity: No more than 8 degree.
The circuit breaker should be operated in the normal service condition. If there is any difference between actual service condition and normal service condition, for example, the altitude of installed place is above 1000m, the value of ambient air temperature exceed specified limit or the place with high humidity where easy to course moist, it should be conformed by the manufacturer.