ZN85-40.5G(3AV3) indoor MV embedded VCB
1. General
ZN85-40.5G(3AV3) indoor AC HV Vacuum circuit breaker(hereinafter called circuit breaker)is applicable for power system with  three-phase AC50/60Hz,40.5kV, used for industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and transformer substations to protect and control equipemnts, also, it can be used in the location where with frequent operating. Pls mail to : anniechan789 at gmail dot com for more detailed information.

2. Service Environment

    Environmental temperature is from:-15~40°C;
    Environmental humidity:
      Daily average of relative humidity≤95%
      Daily average saturated vapor pressure≤2.2×10-3Mpa
      Monthly average of relative humidity≤90%
      Monthly average saturated vapor pressure≤1.8×10-3Mpa
      Keep away from such environment as subject to dust, dirt, smog, corrosive/flammable gas, vapor and salt pollution.