VW1-12 indoor MV embedded poles VCB for plateau


     VW1 Embedded poles VCB for Plateau type is our new generation products against the special climatic characteristic in the high altitude area, which comply with the standards of GB1984, JB3855 and IEC 60694 and with those of the major industrialized countries.
    The VW1-12GY series adopt the latest and mature technology of automatic Pressure Gelation (APG) to embed the vacuum interrupter and connection terminals within resin. The vacuum interrupter is casted in the resin, which makes the circuit-breaker poles particularly sturdy and reliability and protects the interrupter against shocks, accumulation of dust and humidity. Thanks to the embedded pole design, the distribution of electrical field of the pole is much even than in the assembly pole vacuum circuit-breaker, so the insulation strength of VW1 series MV embedded pole vacuum circuit-breaker is improved dramatically.

 Working Condition
    Guarantee the ambient environment temperature within -15℃~+40℃, the daily average temperature not exceed +35℃;
    Daily average related humidity not exceed 95%, monthly not exceed 90%;
    The altitude not exceed 3000m above the sea level;
    Earthquake intensity is not more than 8 degree horizontal acceleration.
    The ambient air without contamination of erosion and combustible gas, vapor, etc.