*Advanced inverter technology,high working frequency,reduced size and weight,easy to carry.
*Automatic voltage pulsation compensation capability.strongly against electricity network pulsation.Stable and reliable welding current.
*Low No-load loss,low energy consumption
*Applicable for welding of ferrous metals,metals,medium carbon steel and alloy stell,etc.

Item TIG-160C TIG-180C TIG-200C
Input power voltage(V) 220±10%
Rate input power capacity(KVA) 3.3 3.9 4.5
Input voltage frequency(Hz) 50/60
No-load voltage(V) 56
Output current range(A) 10-160 10-180 10-200
Rated output voltage(V) 16.4 17.2 18
Duty cycle(%) 60
Efficiency(%) 85
Insulation class F
Weight(Kg) 8
Dimension(mm) 371×155×295
Protection class Ip21
Diameter of rod(mm) 0.3-5 0.3-7 0.3-9