3000W modified sine inverter


[1] Office Equipment,Notebook Computer,Mobile Telephone,Printer,Display.

[2] Television,Video Recorder,Acoustics,DVD,VCD and Fridge etc.

[3] Outdoor lighting,Microwave Oven,Cooking etc.

[4] Electric Tool,Vehicle seek help,Do rescue and Relief work etc.

[5] PDA,Digital Camera,Battery Charge and GPS Satellite Navigation


[1] Imported components and advanced circuit design, making the inverter conversion efficiency as high as 95% strict production quality management system,modern assembly production,guarantees the product quality.
[2] Product specifications complete,according to different standards at abroad,products into the United States,Britain,France and Japan and so on several big series of products, can also according to customer requirements to design.
[3] Internal protection circuit to prevent the electrical pulse or the influence of coltage fluctuation,can withstand the bigger compressor,TV monitors impact power with electrical safety power switch can be completely cut off the circuit inside,final can protect the battery from being damaged.
[4] Overheat and overload automatically shut down. Will automatically start again after returning to normal.
[5] Input and output in a variety of ways:input 12V,24V .Cigarette lighter type,battery directly input. Output voltage 220V AC 110V AC etc fully meet the needs of users at abroad on the AC Power.
[6] Products using aluminum alloy shell,high pressure plasma surface technology of itanium coating,high hardness,chemical stability,oxidation resistance,good appearance.  







DC12V; DC24V ;DC48V


220V+/-5% OR 110V+/-5%


50HZ+/-2HZ OR 60HZ+/-2HZ(Meet users requirment)


DC 11.0V+/-0.5V; DC 21V+/-0.5V


DC 10V+/-0.3V; DC 20V+/-0.3V


DC 15V+/-0.5V; DC 30V+/-0.5V


< 0.3A


> 90%


Modified sine waveform