Current Transformer with DC immunity series is a star product. CT core is quite different from the traditional ones foreign CT manufacturers used to use. Its created and developed by our engineers after great efforts fews years ago. This kind of CT have been approved and purchased in bulk by national and international meter manufacturers.

CT is one of the key measurement components in the meter. The meter accuracy is decided by the CT accuracy. Oswell is always insisting on supplying high quality parts for the customers, so we pay more attention on the production and process control. We are the ISO9001-2008 company and always responsible for the quality.

This type of CT is mounted on the bottom case, and the secondary wire is connected to the PCB. This type of CT can be easily assembled with latching relay, so its used extensively in the smart meter. Customers dont need to match the busbar separately.


★ Special double core structure. One core is for AC measurement, the other is for DC
★ AC measurement capacity is 20-30% higher than rated current
★ DC measurement capacity is more than 71% of the rated AC
★ High accuracy. Complitely suitable for high quality kWh meter with Class 0.5 or Class 1.0;
★ Typical meter measurement error with DC influence is within 0.5%-2% for 0.1 Class CT.
★ Small phase error. Typical phase shift is at 1-15’; Additional compensation not needed
★ Good insulation between Primary and Secondary, more than 3kV.
★ Very reliable and stable performance at different temperature conditions
★ Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Ambient Temperature: -40℃--- +85℃
★ Many kinds of desirable bus-bars connected to the CT are available
★ ROHS Compliance is available on request

Model NO. Rated Current Turns Ratio Output Current Load Insulation Voltage Phase Error Accuracy
AC DC Class
DCT006W 6A 4.5A 1:2500 2.4mA 10/20Ω >3 kV, 1min <15 0.1
DCT100W 40A 30A 1:2500 20mA 12.5Ω >3 kV, 1min <15 0.1
DCT101W 60A 45A 1:2500 24mA 12.5Ω >3 kV, 1min <15 0.1
DCT104W 100A 75A 1:2500 40mA 10Ω >3 kV, 1min <30 0.2