Rated Voltage Type Applicable motor power(KW) Rated current(A)
Single-phase 220V ADL800-2004 0.4 3
ADL800-2007 0.75 5
ADL800-2015 1.5 8
ADL800-2022 2.2 11
Three-phase 380V ADL810-4007 0.75 2.5
ADL810-4015 1.5 3.7
ADL810-4022 2.2 5.5

ADL800/810 Series inverter technical regulations 

Item Regulations
Output Output voltage 0~220V/ 0~380V three-phase
Farequency range 0.1~60.0Hz; Highest farequency can chooese at 25.0~60.0Hz
Power Oltage,farequ-ency Voltage: single phase 220V±20%, Three phase 380V±20%; Farequency: 50~60Hz±5%
Control function Control Mode Voltage vector SVPWM modulation Continuously regulate the carrier wave at 1~12KHz
Starting farequency Can choose at 0.0-25.0Hz
Output farequency resolution 0.1Hz
Enactment frequency resloution Number setting: 0.1Hz Analog input(external terminals)setting: the highest Frequency of 1%
V/F speciality Linearity V/F Fundus frequency between 25.0~60.0Hz random set
Equalize troque Linear torque mode of compensation, compensation voltage range of 0-30%
Overtoad capability 150% of rated current for 1min
Stop mode Deceleration stop/stop freedom of choice
Running modecan choose rotate/reversal
Setting frequency Oration panel ↑↓extemal potentionmeters, panel potentiometer, the extemal analog voltage signal DC0~5V
Acceleration/ deceleration time 0.1~6000.0S acceleration/deceleration time, they can be set separately
Jogging operation Upper linit and lower limit frequency Frequency(0~highest frequency),acceleration/deceletation time(0.1-6000.0S) Upper limit frequency(lower linit frequency~highest frequency) Lower limit frequency(0~upper limit frequency)can option
Other function Fault history(the past four)enquiries, dynamic parameters(part)amend, ect
Input Output Signal Operation panel Exteral input Show:5 digit 8 sect of the LED(red), the parameter setting: 6 open key Positive change(FWD), reversal(REV)
Fault output IC relay output(AC250V,1A,resistance load)
Protection Protection function Over-voltage,over-current,overload,overheat,under-voltage
Terms of Use Application occasion Ambient Indoor altitude 1000m below,free from direct sunlight,dust,corrosive gas -10˚C~+40˚C,20%~90%RH
Vibration below 0.5g
Starage temperature -25˚C~+65˚C
Mounting means wall-mounted tupe
Degree of protecition IP20
Cooling mode Air-blast cooling