Hello everyone!
On the occasion of New Year's moments, I am on behalf of the Board WENBA ELECTRIC and in my own name, to fight in the various positions of the majority of employees to extend my most sincere greetings!
Wish you all a Happy New Year, good health, career advancement, and happiness!
In 2009, for the majority of employees are proud of the year, is forging ahead in unity of the year, is the selfless dedication of the year. All employees work together, work hard hard work, enterprising realize the value of hard work in the more spirit! WENBA ELECTRIC every progress, every harvest all filled with the majority of employees of the company's loyalty and love, shining with sweat and wisdom of countless employees!
In 2009, for it is changing WENBA ELECTRIC year was a year of strategic significance, is leaps and bounds year. Our undertakings flourish, news of success on all fronts! Practice has proved that we are superior, we can act as the industry leader!
Passion and sweat casting past, rational and strong achievements in the future. 2010 will be the full implementation of the development strategy WENBA ELECTRIC year, our strategy more clearly, thinking more clearly, more solid foundation, the size of more expansion, management, more perfect, more enhanced execution, corporate culture richer, we will continue write a chapter, miracle, courage!
The new green ground-breaking early spring, is the time to make contributions. 2010 will be even more exciting year, we will witness the rapid advance WENBA ELECTRIC cause, along with the experience of years of hard struggle towering, to share the joy of a successful harvest of excitement! Sincerely hope that every employee is able spirits, confident, vigorous pace, morale, continuing success in the future!
Bugle sounded, drums thunder endless. Let us act together, in order to revitalize the national industry, the development of the company in order to cause, in order to dream and passion of each employee's contribution to the greatest strength and enthusiasm, in the new year, pull together,New heights, and then build a brilliant!

Chairman of the board with the staff